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Àngels Graells was born in Barcelona. She studied piano and guitar an majored in singing in the Barcelona's Music Conservatory. She has also studied and worked as a primary school teacher specializing in music. She has recorded an important part of traditional Catalan and Spanish songs, working with the important Catalan composer Manel Oltra, for pedagogical use. As a singer she has worked with Òpera Oberta, a group which performs small scale operas, giving concerts in all the important theatres in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, as well as the rest of Spain. She has also worked with early music repertoire collaborating with groups such as Sendebar, specializing in medieval and Sephardic music.
Āngels Graells en el Cant de la Sibil·la a la basílica de Santa Maria del Mar
Sharing her life with Josep Carbonell, a luthier, has brought her closer to the world of musical shapes and craftsmanship. Helping him out in his workshop, she feels the urge to find new ways to express her own musical inspirations. In order to make them endure, she began to recreate them in engravings and jewelry.
Since 2003 Àngels Graells has sung "The Song of the Sybil", a medieval Catalan chant traditionally sung on Christmas Eve, in one of the finest gothic churches ever to be built, Santa Maria del Mar, in Barcelona. A recording was made of this version in 2007.
Ā ngels
As an artisan, Àngels Graells also works for Singular Art Corporatiu, teaming with the illustrator Albert Rocarols Her work has been exhibited in the International Exhibition of Musical Handcrafted Instruments Cremona Mondomusica and in the anual Showrooms of Artesania Catalunya. Some of her creations have been included in the catalogue Empremtes de Catalunya, launched by the Catalan Committee for Craftsmanship, Design and Trade (Consorci de Comerç, Artesania Moda de Catalunya).
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