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WQ hat I do
Silver pieces
Bronze/Brass or gold bath finishes
The works exhibited on this page and the rest of my catalogue can be found at the shop.
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I mainly work with silver. This material is most fitting to what I want to express, because it combines the beauty and simplicity I wish to show in my works. I take care of all of the creative process, all the way from the design down to every last details. All this is done by hand. As you can see in the catalogue, I follow certain preset patterns. Nevertheless, all of my pieces are unique, because, the result of a handcrafted process is always different. Always inspired by musical motifs or abstractions, my jewelry work takes the shape of earrings, necklaces and rings. Alternatively and depending on the gift recipient’s preferences, all necklaces and rings can be made in bronze/brass finish, in bronze with gold bath finish or completely made of solid gold, if desired.   In addition to what is offered in my catalog, I can make unique “ad hoc” creations under request, as from ideas or feelings you wish to express. In these cases I do my best to capture and give them shape accordingly to their meaning.  Following this text you will see some of my works: earrings, necklaces and rings and. For some models it is possible to purchase a necklace and the earrings with the same design.